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Application Form

Please fill in the below form to present your practice to the ETF Selection Committee. Please send all the documents, video materials, examples of curricula, training modules, digital material or any other sources of evidence to support your application to:
6. What is new or innovative in this teaching and/or learning activity in your learning context (e.g. in the context of your school, college, training centre, company, NGO, and/or country/region, etc.)?
7. What are the benefits of your practice for learners and/or teachers? Please choose the answers from the below options (multiple selection possible): *This question is required.
9. Resources mobilised *This question is required.
a) Financial resources (multiple answers possible):
b) Non-financial resources (multiple answers possible):
c) Institutional resources
10. Additional questions
a) Did you use/adapt/build on existing international or national/local digital and online materials?
b) Are the digital and/or online materials developed by your teachers/trainers being used beyond your course/training programme and/or organisation?
c) Do you offer learning opportunities for teachers/trainers/curriculum developers to design and implement e-learning in the ETF partner countries?
d) Are you using learning analytics (e.g. for formative assessment, with feedback obtained and returned with the support of digital means etc.)?
  • * This question is required.
e) Do you offer distance learning for various categories of learners (e.g. for learners with special needs, adult learners, etc.)?
11. Background information
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